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Reinventing the Landscape,
by Hilarie M. Sheets
ARTnews March 2001.
Depth Charge
Fireball with Joshua Trees
Test (1)
Review :
Issue No. 193 June 3-10, 1999
by Tim Griffin

"How many atomic bombs did the U.S. explode between the years 1945 and 1963? Twenty? Fifty? One hundred maybe? Try 354, detonated above ground, under sea and even in midair, where high-ocean or desert breezes could keep their radioactive particles aloft for hours. Painter Joy Garnett took these tests as her subject when she discovered a cache of photos of the blasts on the Web--many of which had only recently become available through the Freedom of Information Act. Some of these images are official government records; others are snapshots by soldiers who were fatefully exposed to the experiments at close range. Garnett's interest has its deepest roots in the latter: Many of the G.I.'s said that the towering atomic mushrooms were the most beautiful things they'd ever seen.

"It's in this paradoxical realm of terrible beauty that the canvases are most engaging, tying together the histories of the bomb and American landscape painting..."
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Reinventing the Landscape,
by Hilarie M. Sheets
ARTnews March 2001.

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e-mail from Atomic Veteran John Debusk
[participant in Operation Buster-Jangle, 1951]

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