A Personal Journey in Cancer Research

By Merrill Garnett
Edited by Bill Jones, illustrated with
paintings by Joy Garnett
2nd edition paperback - 118 pages
First Pulse Projects, Inc., New York
2nd ed., December 2001 (1st ed. 1998)
ISBN: 0966559711

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2001  February: New Chemotherapy Company to Move to Islip Town
2000 Apr : Kelly Morris: The Lancet N01se Exhibition : Exploring Sci-art: the final frontier.
2000 Jan: DNA & Music: Does DNA Have a Pulse?, N01se Exhib. catalogue: Merrill Garnett in conversation with Bill Jones + Ben Neill
Biotech Company For Cancer Research   
1999 June : Tim Griffin: TimeOut New York Joy Garnett, "Buster-Jangle."
1997 Sept: PULSE 48: Discussion with Bill Jones + Ben Neill, Art Exchange NYC
2000 June : Brian Carroll: Electronetwork The Pulse of Life: Electrogenetics.
1999 June : The New Yorker Joy Garnett: Buster-Jangle.
1999 May : Ken Johnson: The New York Times (In Brief) : Buster-Jangle.
1999 June : Merry Meikle: NY Arts Magazine: Buster-Jangle: Disaster Imagery in Contemporary Painting,
1999 Nov : Christopher Phillips: Art in America: Buster-Jangle: Joy Garnett  at Debs & Co.
1999 Aug : Robert Mahoney: TimeOut New York Bill Jones/Ben Neill, "Pulse 48."
ARTnews,  March 2001   
Cover article:
Reinventing the Landscape
by Hilarie M. Sheets

Artists + reproductions: L.C. Armstrong, Sandow Birk, David Deutsch, Peter Doig, Peter Edlund,
Joy Garnett, Merlin James, Frank Moore, Alexis Rockman, William Steiger, Marc Trujillo,
Artnews online
Press Releases:
The UFO Show
Exhibition catalogue
Contributions by Barry Blinderman, Rudy Rucker,
Carlo McCormick, Paul Laffoley, et al.
Illinois State University Publications, Normal, IL
August 2000
ISBN: 0945558309;
Amazon (with excerpts);
University Galleries Bookstore

Artists include: Sharon Engelstein,
Joy Garnett, Keith Haring,
Lance Horenbein, Paul Laffoley, Moriko Mori, Panamarenko,
Kenny Scharf, Ionel Talpazan, Oliver Wasow, Ken Weaver, Amy Wilson...
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The Art of the X-Files
By Chris Carter; introduction by William Gibson
Harper Collins + Look
out, New York
October 1998; (paperback January 2000)
ISBN: 0061050377
Including  work by John Baldessari, Gregory Crewdson,
Mark Dion, Tenessee Rice Dixon,
Joy Garnett, 
Bill Jones, Oliver Wasow...
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2001 April: Rocket Science, Joy Garnett at Debs & Co.
2001 Apr : Michel Moutot: Agence France-Presse Des missiles, des avions, des fusees et des pinceaux.
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2001 May : Kevin Pratt: TimeOut New York Joy Garnett, "Rocket Science."
2001 Apr : Francois Landon: Transfert.net Les fusees atterrissent a New York. [pdf] / html
2000 Apr : Trevor W. Robbins: Science N01se:  Exhibitions - Art & Information: A Map of Babel.
2001 June : Emil Memon: NY Arts Magazine Joy Garnett's Rocket Science.
2002 FebruaryNight Vision (traveling exhibition)
Exhibition catalogue
Essay by Tim Griffin
Paperback, 16 pages
First Pulse Projects, Inc.,
New York
January 2002
ISBN: 096655972X

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The Wellcome Trust
Picture of the Week
January 31 2000   
Cross Pattern;
photomicroscopy by
Merrill Garnett
Garnett McKeen Laboratory, Inc.

more about the N01se exhibition
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Press / Reviews (selected):
Joy Garnett:

artist multiple
Debs & Co., New York
May 1999
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2002 May/June : Tema Celeste, 'News + Around' Night Vision
2002 July : The New Yorker Night Vision
2002 July : Flavorpill 110 Night Vision
2002 Summer: Night Vision: notes from the curator, by Joy Garnett, 21c Magazine, New York
info @ firstpulseprojects.org
1999 -2001: Into Africa, Artnet Magazine: column on the art of Africa and the African Diaspora, by Joy Garnett (column archives)
2002 Sept : Tricia Romano: The Village Voice, NY, in Club Crawl.
2002 July 2 : Artnet Magazine, NY: "People Page" Night Vision: Out at White Columns in NY (photos: Paul Laster)
2002 Aug : Instyle Magazine/ Ryuko Tsushin, Tokyo, pick, (reproduction)
Biological Liquid Crystal Theory

By Merrill Garnett
Paperback, 10 pages
Garnett McKeen Medical Science Series, No.1
First Pulse Projects, Inc., New York
Fall 2001

Read it online

Issue 4 Fall 2002
Toronto, Ontario
"Night Vision: Notes from the Curator," text and
images by
Joy Garnett, Mauro Ceolin,
Agnes Denes (cover), Michael Stipe...
Read it online [pdf]
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Cabinet Magazine
Magic of
The Magic of Light
Exhibition Catalogue
Essays by Carter Ratcliff + physicist Arthur Zajonc;
The Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY
February, 2002

Artists: Steven Antonakos, Dan Flavin, Susan Chorpenning,
Pietro Costa,Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Kenny Greenburg, Robert Irwin,
Bill Jones + Ben Neill, Sheila Moss, Liz Phillips, James Turrell,
Erwin Redl, Keth Sonnier + Robert Thurmier.
In-House Publications:
2003 MarchNite Nite, Bill Jones/Ben Neill at Sandra Gering Gallery
After the Troops Leave...
Trojan Horse Records
Ottawa, Canada
CD Release
March 2003
[cover art:
Joy Garnett]

more info:
After The Troops Leave
MyMusic.com (order online)
Six Degrees Records
CD release
Fall 2002
[cover art:
Bill Jones]

more info:
Green Beet Productions
Ben Neill
Video remixes with Bill Jones
Islip Bulletin
May 22, 2003

Grand Opening photo:
Garnett McKeen Laboratory opens Clean Room Manufacturing Center in Bohemia, NY.
Thundergulch Conference: May 2-3, 2003
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council / The New School, NYC

The Future of War: Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies
panelist/presenter: Joy Garnett

transcripts: Media Preview: The Bomb Project ; Panel: Aesthetics + Politics of Technologized Warfare
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2004 Jan : Nicole Edwards: The Poughkeepsie Journal: 'Smoke' weds music with the art of video.
2004 JanuaryRiot, Joy Garnett at Debs & Co.
Cabinet Magazine
Cabinet Magazine
Issue 12, "The Enemy"
Fall 2003/Winter 2004
Immaterial Incorporated, Brooklyn, NY

Artist Project: Postcard No.1
News by Joy Garnett
Internet Art
Internet Art (World of Art)
by Rachel Greene

Thames & Hudson (June 2004)
ISBN: 0-500-20376-8

Adbusters - Issue 52
Adbusters Magazine
A Slap In The Face Issue # 52

Mar/Apr 2004

Riot Squad
2004 Feb : The New Yorker : Joy Garnett: Riot
2004 Mar : Tyler Green: Artnet Magazine, DC Diary - A painting revival, via works by Joy Garnett & Ian Whitmore
Harper's Magazine
June  2004
At Issue in the
2004 Election


Harper's Magazine - June 2004
Perspecta 36: Juxtapositions
edited by Macky McCleary +
Jennifer Silbert
Yale School of Architecture Journal
MIT Press
November 2004
ISBN: 0-262-63303-5

The Organization +
Representation of Violence

ed. by Jordan Crandall
May 2004
Witte de With center for
contemporary art Rotterdam
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PDF version
PDF flyer
1999 Nov: Philip Glahn: Afterimage: The Politics of the Machine
Tactical Action
Gigantic Art Space, New York
April 2004
Essay by Sharmeen Khan
exhibition information

Intelligent Agent
Vol.4, no.2 (Spring/Summer 2004)
Intellectual Property
"Steal This Look"
by Joy Garnett

Visionary Anatomies

The National Academy of Sciences

Washington, DC
Fall/Winter 2004/2005
Essay by Dr. Micael Sappol
Inroduction by Dr. Harvey Fineberg

exhibition information
Catalogue (pdf)
Introducing Cultural Politics, edited by John Armitage, Douglas Kellner, Ryan Bishop
Volume1, Issue 1: March 2005
Contributors:  Andrew Ross, Jean Baudrillard, Paul Virillio, George E. Marcus, Jodi Dean, Richard Kahn & Douglas Kellner,
Marc Poster,
Joy Garnett, Joss Hands. Published by Berg. Download PDF flyer
The Infinite Fill Show, Curated by Cory + Jamie Arcangel

Foxy Production
547 West 25th St., NYC
July 22 - Aug 20, 2004
Installation views and sketches

Roberta Smith: The New York Times
N01se : Information + transformation
Exhibition catalogue
Edited by Adam Lowe and Simon Schaffer.
Contributions by Umberto Ecco, Richard
Feynman, Peter Galison,
Merrill Garnett,
Bruno Latour, Bruce Sterling, Peter Weibel...
Spiral bound; 118 pages
Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambrige (UK)
January 2000
ISBN: 0907074782;
Amazon (UK)

Artists include: Art + Language, Manuel
Joy Garnett, Merrill Garnett,
Joseph Grigley,
Bill Jones + Ben Neill,
Lynn Hershman, Lisa Jardine, Paul D. Miller
(DJ Spooky), Joseph Nechvatal, Marc Quinn,
Michael Rees, Catherine Wagner...
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Cabinet Magazine
Issue 7 Summer 2002

Immaterial Incorporated, Brooklyn, NY
Field Traces
Text by
Bill Jones;
Photomicroscopy by
Merrill Garnett
Garnett McKeen Laboratory, Inc.

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Interaction: Artisitic Practice in the Network
Edited by Amy Scholder and Jordan Crandall
Foreword by John S. Johnson
D.A.P./Eyebeam Atelier, New York
April 2001
ISBN: 1891024248

With contributions from: Saul Anton, Adnan Ashraf,
Robert Atkins, Oladele Bambgeboye, Ricardo Basbaum,
Carlos Basualdo, Jordan Crandall, Critical Art Ensemble,
Ricardo Dominguez, Coco Fusco, Alex Galloway,
Joy Garnett, Marina Grzinic, Bill Jones, Knowbotic
Research, Bracha Lichtenberg-Ettinger, Lev Manovich,
Paul D. Miller, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Saskia Sassen,
Yukiko Shikata, Matthew Slotover...  
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Rocket Science
Exhibition catalogue: Joy Garnett
Introduction by Bruce Sterling
Panspectron by Manuel De Landa
Debs & Co., New York
April 2001
ISBN: 1-929032-07-2
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Art & Technology Lecture series  
Open Source Culture: Intellectual Property, Technology & the Arts
Columbia School of the Arts  - Digital Media Center
Joy Garnett:
Painting Mass Media (Thursday, September 23, 2004 - 6pm)
View streaming video of lecture (requires latest version of Quicktime)
Full schedule

Artists Space Survival Skills Workshop 
Protect Yourself: Copyright issues & fair use information for artists
Wednesday, October 6, 2004 - 6:30 - 8pm
- Sign-up page
Speakers: John Koegel, Attorney at law; Joy Garnett, artist
More info
Outside Publications: Writings, Interviews, Public Presentations (selected) :
College Art Association 2005 Conference, Atlanta:
Between 0 and 1: Digital Rights and the Future of Art Images Online
Thursday, February 17, 2005, 12:30 - 2pm
more conference info

404 Festival of Electronic Art
Astas Romas
Rosario, Argentina