a multi-site exhibition about information
and transformation

22 January - 26 March, 2000
in Cambridge:

Kettle's Yard
The Whipple Museum of the History of Science
The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
The Fitzwilliam Museum

27 January - 19 May, 2000
The Wellcome Trust's Two10 Gallery (London)

N01SE was organized by artist
Adam Lowe and historian of science Simon Schaffer. It is accompanied by a catalogue which includes contributions by Umberto Eco, Peter Galison, Bruno Latour and Bruce Sterling....

Available from Kettle's Yard:

mail @ kettlesyard.cam.ac.uk

tel: 01223 352124
fax: 01223 324377

or from Amazon.co.uk
Tabatha Andrews
William Armstrong

Art and Language
Charles Babbage
Stephen Baker
Joe Banks (Disinformation)

Richard Barbrook
William Bateson
Evgen Bavcar
Robin Boast
Patrick Blackett
Jerry Brotton
Soraya de Chadarevian
Adrian Cussins
John Dee

Umberto Eco
Richard Feynman
Manuel Franquelo
Peter Galison
Joy Garnett
Merrill Garnett: "Does DNA have a pulse?"
Joseph Grigley
Roger Guillemin
Sebastian Guillie
Mercurious Van Helmon
Anita Herle/Su Dalgleish
Lynn Hershman
Jeff Hughes
Margaret Watts Hughes
Lisa Jardine

Bill Jones
Athanasius Kircher
Bruno Latour
Malcolm Longair
Mike Lynch

Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky)
Iwan Morus
Gracie Ngale Morton
Sven Nebel

Joseph Nechvatal
Ben Neill
Roy Porter
Marc Quinn
Jonathan Ree
Michael Rees
Giles Revell
Kathleen Rogers
Brian Rotman
Stan Vanderbeek
Tom Van Sant
Ludwig Von Slegen
Julian Simmons
Nicola Schwartz
Lillian Schwartz
Robert Shannon
Bessie Nakamarra Sims
Paddy Jalpaljarri Sims
Brian Cantwell Smith
Luc Steels

Bruce Sterling
Jozue Tanaka
John Tchalenko
Dave Tovee
John Tresch
Burhan Tufall

Catherine Wagner
Piers Wardle
Peter Weibel
CTR Wilson
John Wilkins
Peter Wollen
John Woodward
Charles Wynn-Williams
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Reviews: The Lancet and Science (April 2000).
Catalogue essay:
Does DNA Have a Pulse? Merrill Garnett in conversation with Bill Jones + Ben Neill.