All images courtesy Joy Garnett 1997-1998.
First Pulse: A personal journey in cancer research  -   Excerpts  + Plates    
Monkey kidney carcinoma (untreated).
In the early 1990's, after producing and screening over 20,000 compounds, after trying most of the transition metals, continuing down and right along the periodic table, I turned to palladium and found what I had been searching for.

Throughout the search for therapeutic compounds, my prejudice that we could restore the aerobic system through modification and selection, allowing the emergence of the aerobic clones within the cancer, has remained steadfast. This is the thrust of the electron transfer work with the palladium complex. It will be the same thrust of theory as we restore carbonic anhydrase to other tumors, and prolyl hydroxylase in the mesodermal tumors, the sarcomas. We should find drugs that are non-toxic because these enzyme pathways already exist in the normal cells and in the host organism.