UNMONUMENTAL.org (2008-ongoing)

What began as a one-off parody of the New Museum's titular exhibition, these images of found objects  soon became a love letter to the abject and ephemeral, privileging the feedback loop formed between our fleeting contemplation of such objects and the art we later make in the studio. Shot with a smart phone and distributed via Twitter and Flickr (ca.2008), unmonumental has since grown into a visual archive of  'monumental' proportions. ARTICLE: INVOLUNTARY SCULPTURES.... unmonumental is now available as a hardback edition andas an  ebook with video (2013).


This social media performance took place over the course of three weeks (June 19 - July 6, 2011) in New York City's Soho district. Simultaneously performed and documented on Twitter and Tumblr, #LostLibrary examines acts of exchange that are deeply rooted in our material world, contrasting electronic with traditional conventions of ownership and sharing. #LostLibrary was included in the exhibition
Bibliomania at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey (2011).


Celebrating the synergy between making art and cooking, Kitchen Studio spontaneously offered (through Twitter and Tumblr), documentation of culinary processes and painterly practices conducted in tandem in an old factory loft on Mercer Street. This project was later realized as an installation for the exhibition
With Food in Mind at the Center for Book Arts in NY (2010), curated by Nicole J. Caruth. IMAGES   ////  ARTICLE IN C MAGAZINE


A site-specific installation put together by Joy Episalla, Joy Garnett, Carrie Moyer and Carrie Yamaoka (JC2), and exhibited at Momenta Art in its former Williamsburg space, PROJECT:RENDITION is a social sculpture focusing on the  'extraordinary renditions' conducted during the Bush administration. It combines elements of sculpture, sound recordings, performance and printed multiples. Website documentation is HERE. Photo essay in Public Culture, v.22, no.1 Winter 2010 (Duke University Press) is HERE.