Friday,  August 10, 2007
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Holland Cotter

The "Double X" in the title of this all-woman group show, organized by Amelia Abdullahsani, refers to female chromosomes, which clearly do not determine any one art style. Despite a shared realism, goth-subculture portraits by the Stockholm-based Ulrika Minami Warmling are very different from Noel Grunwaldt's beautiful watercolors of dead birds. Katrin Sigurdardottir hides landscapes in boxes; Francesca Gabbiani conjures them up in collages; Joy Garnett continues her project of painting the contemporary political landscape, in this case in images derived from news reports of burning Paris immigrant neighborhoods.

Stellan Holm Gallery, 524 West 24th Street, (212) 627-7444, stellanholm.com, through Sept. 8.