"Media coverage of Hurricane Katrina beamed the bayou nightmare into homes nationwide. Yet the impact of those pictures declined in the weeks that followed as fresh global disasters grabbed our attention. The brief half-life of the news photograph is the subject, in part, of Joy Garnett's powerful canvases transposing Katrina press images to oil and canvas. Thick paint and big brushstrokes obscure details from source photographs while preserving a sense of apocalyptic despair. Paradoxically, Garnett's project immortalizes the ephemeral while riffing, too, on the false reality photographs present."   -- The Washington Post: Katrina, Immortalized in Oil, by Jessica Dawson

The Washington Post

Katrina, Immortalized in Oil
By Jessica Dawson [PDF]

Joy Garnett, "Strange Weather"
By Kriston Capps [
Flood (5). The National Academy of Sciences.