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The Re: Duchamp Travelling Exhibition is a project that has been evolving over time. It has traveled to various cities in Germany, Poland, Chile and Israel, as well as New York City. It is the ongoing work of Abraham Lubelski, and incorporates the work of over 250 other artists, including Nam June Paik, Dennis Oppenheim, Carl Andre, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Taylor Mead, Larry Weiner, David Humphrey, Inka Essenhigh....

The Re: Duchamp Travelling Exhibition at the 49th Venice Biennale* is an installation of clotheslines from which artwork is hung.** The idea for this installation is derived from Marcel Duchamp's infamous benefit exhibition organized on the Premises of the Coordinating Council of French Relief Societies, 451 Madison Avenue, New York, October 14th - November 7th, 1942, in which he criss-crossed the entire gallery with one mile of string. This entanglement, which the public had to negotiate when they came to view the art, stood as a metaphor for the difficulties encountered in attempting to understand modern art.

The current exhibition uses this Duchampian metaphor to point to connectivity as much as any difficulty that might hinder an appreciation of art in the digital age---art whose nature may be partially or completely ephemeral, time-based, or immaterial, and which might be conveyed digitally or housed virtually.
Re: Duchamp celebrates the process of visual sampling in a world where the line between original and copy has been blurred, and the medium is the readymade.

Participating artists were asked to e-mail their submissions as digital files. These were printed out, placed in plastic sleeves and brought to Venice for installation. Hung from criss-crossing lengths of string at the Church of S. Maria Ausiliatrice, they resemble so many Tibetan prayer flags, the wind and the Web conveyinging and disseminating their messages.

* At the 49th Venice Biennale, the Re: Duchamp Travelling Exhibition forms part of the
Markers Project, which involves several organizations including the Peggy Gugghenheim Collection, the International Artists' Museum, the Biennale Arti Visive, and the Municipality of Venice.

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Re: Duchamp
Traveling Exhibition

curated by Cristine Wang

June 6 - July 14, 2001
49th Venice Biennale

Church of S. Maria Ausiliatrice

Fondamenta San Gioacchin 454
end of via Garibaldi
Venice, Italy

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