Pulse: installation views
Sandra Gering Gallery.
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Photo: James Keyser / NYTimes  (2002)
Ben Neill playing his mutantrumpet; Bill Jones' midi-controled light piece in the background.
New York Times.
Pulse is a sound and light installation developed by Bill Jones and musician/composer Ben Neill.

Pulse premiered at the Sandra Gering Gallery, NYC in 1999, traveled to Nantes, France in late December for the 1998 fin de siecle festival, and to the exhibition N01SE : information and transformation at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge (UK) 22 January - 26 March. 2000. For more info see the N01se catalogue essay: Does DNA Have a Pulse?

The Lancet in April 2000.

In 2002
Pulse was included in the exhibition The Magic of Light at the Hudson River Museum, New York,  a survey including work by James Turrell, Dan Flavin, Robert Erwin, and Erwin Redl.

"...sound changes the appearances of the light objects. They appear to be different objects as the piece unfolds. The structure is so large that it can't be conceived as a whole except through experience. It is a multi-dimensional fractal set out in time..." --Bill Jones, with Ben Neill in a discussion of Pulse.

Read an in-depth article about Pulse in the November 1999 issue of  Afterimage:

The Politics of the Machine
by Philip Glahn.
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