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The Bomb Project

Night Vision

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Directors :
Merrill Garnett
Biochemist and cancer researcher
CEO Garnett McKeen Laboratory, Inc.

Bill Jones
Artist; midi-video producer
founding editor, Artbyte: The Magazine of Digital Culture

Joy Garnett
Artist; curator


First Pulse Projects was founded in 1998 as an art  + science experimental collaborative and in-house publishing think tank for Garnett McKeen Laboratory, Inc.

FPP is concerned with developing new research / production / educational paradigms. Combining elements of  publishing and fine art + new media production, including realtime photomicroscopy  and "midi- video" musical composition, as the public outreach of an interdisciplinary studio / laboratory,  FPP will work  toward establishing new interactive and practical links between science and art.

The core of this enterprise is a group of contributors and collaborators drawn from various disciplines in the arts and sciences. Through the employment of intermedia and direct links between research laboratory, recording studio and art studio, the 
FPP group  will work to picture the invisible processes of life, revealing by visualization the standing wave of DNA or the electro-folding of proteins, or by playing (aurally and visually) the music of the "second code," the intrinsic frequencies of the cellular circuitry.

---Spring 2003,  New York City

P.O. Box 1269 Canal Street Station, New York, NY 10013